T'was the Day Before New Year’s (2008)

T'was the day before New Year's and all thru the land,
There was many a QSO all over the band.
Dx-ers, brass pounders, am-ers,  sidebanders,
Novices, techs, and amateur extras.
And up on the rooftops and throughout a back yard,
A mighty antenna made copy less  hard.
To those with their yls who don’t make a sound,
But sometimes are there in the background.
There’s Luke and there’s Nancy, Frank and Pauline,
Ron and Mary Elizabeth in their RV machine.
Dick and ‘hi Barbara’ and all is so ducky,
I sit here and smile as I think of ole Lucky.
Sarah Pipeline, we’d all like to see her,
Or maybe she could join us on 75 meter.
And what to my wondering ears do we hear,
But the voice of OC Bob from Manchesteer.
From New Bern to Richmond, New York and New Hampshire,
Wish we lived closer to toast with a cold beer.
A toast to you hams on this snowy cold day,
Who come gather round and have good stuff to say.
From cuisine to music, weather and all,
Radio gear, and the stories so tall.
So come in and join us and go as you please,
And hear us reflect on our past silent keys.
May we cherish our days and always remember,
How much you add to us all as a welcomed 4pmer.

Al Peterson, K1YOT   December 31, 2008